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What To Do If You Have Water Damage
Minneapolis Water Damage

The most important thing to keep in mind if have water damage repair in your Minneapolis home or on your commercial property is to keep calm. Water damage is very common and you are not alone!

The second thing to do is to call First Response Restoration, a water damage clean up specialist in Minneapolis.  We will get a technician to your home or property as soon as possible, even if you don't know the severity of the damages incurred. The sooner you call, the quicker our certified technicians can arrive on site to assess the damages and the better chances we have of restoring your property back to “pre-loss condition” very quickly.

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While you are waiting for an First Response Restoration technician to arrive, make sure that you've stopped the water source from causing more damage. For water from frozen water pipes or frozen pipe repair, you might have shut of the water main to the home. For flood remediation in Minneapolis, there is not much you can do except to stay safe.  If you are unsure how to stop the leak, find your water shut off valve and turn it off immediately! This will stop all water to your home or property, but it will help prevent even more serious damages and water damage clean up. Once you have stopped the leak or shut off your main water, make sure to call the correct company to make the necessary repairs to the source of the water leak. This will most commonly be your local plumbing company but water sources can also come from windows, roofs and appliances as well so make sure to contact the appropriate company.

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If you still have time before our First Response Restoration technicians arrive, it is essential to asses the safety of your home or property before re-entering or continuing to stay inside. Make sure there are no obvious electrical hazards and be careful not to endanger anyone with slippery surfaces. If you have determined it is safe, and you have a camera nearby, try and take a few pictures of the damage. These pictures will prove useful to the insurance company at the time of processing your claim. Our technicians will also take photos of the damages but it is always best if the homeowner or property owner has also taken some as well.

The first steo in water removal in Minneapolis is you'll also want to try and mop up or wipe up any excess water on the surfaces that have been affected. Pipe freezing or water from frozen water pipes can cause additional issues being located in a wall but do your best soak it up.  DO NOT lay down newspaper on wet surfaces as this may cause permanent staining. Make sure not to use any type of household vacuum cleaner on any wet surfaces, however, if you have a shop vac, feel free to clean up excess water with it. Make sure to dump all water outside, away from the foundation of the building.  For sewage back up in your basement, lets us handle this for you.

waterdamagebrokenpipeMake sure to wipe down all surfaces, if possible, including furniture. Doing so may save you from having to replace these items. If you are able, place aluminum foil underneath the feet of your furniture or tupperware bowls if there is a lot of excess water. This will keep water from wicking up into the legs of your furniture. If your furniture items are too heavy to lift, do not lift them. Our technicians will take care of it when they arrive.


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Pick up loose items from around the affected area, including lamps, couch cushions, clocks, books, etc. Items with dyes and inks in them will cause staining, so remove these types of items if possible. The more items you can remove from the area before the technicians arrive the better chances we have of saving items of sentimental and intrinsic value to you. Put all wet items in a safe place to dry. If items are not removed and put out to dry in a safe place, the wet surfaces can encourage mold growth, causing a health hazard in your home or on your property.

As a precautionary measure, we ask that you remove all affected firearms, ammo, jewelry and valuables before the First Response Restoration technicians arrive. For insurance purposes, our technicians are asked not to move these items within a home or place of business.

As a water damage company serving Minneapolis and the Twin Cities Metro, our certified technicians strive for rapid response, within the hour of recieveing your call.  Once they arrive, they will assess the damages to your home or property and clearly discuss the action that needs to be taken in your situation. For your protection, they will not begin any work until you have agreed to and understand our “Authorization & Assignment of Benefits” customer contract.

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